We have been designing and decorating homes for over 40 years. If you are moving to a new house, renovating, restyling, renting or want to increase the market value fo your property, we can offer you affordable and beautiful solution.


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How does it work


Stage 1

Project Deliverables -

Within 72hours, you will receive an email with the following attachments:

Interior Design

Stage 2

  • Login into your account and Purchase Stage Two (99AU$ per Room)
  • Start a one on one online conversation with our design team to revise the previous work. Let our design team know what would you like to change, or add. If you are not happy with the previous design, no problems we start again.

Project Deliverables -

Once the revisions are finished, the client will receive an email with the following attachments:


Stage 3

Stage 3 will depend on the complexity of the project as well as the number of processes that Saik Design will intervene. If you would like to get a quote please click here. The processes at this stage are:

  • Issue purchase order with trade discounts

  • Project Management and Quality Control

  • Trade Work or Installation

  • Delivery of goods

  • Installation and ambience setup


Stage One


FREENo commitment -Try us out!
  • Create your Project
    Our clients will have access to our interactive platform in order to create their dream project. We will ask them a number of questions so we can better understand what they are after and what are they hoping to receive.
  • Discover your Style
    Our clients will have to answer a series of questions in our interactive style quiz which will allow us to understand the style that best represents our client's personality.
  • Receive a Floor Plan Distribution
    Our clients will receive an optimized floor plan of their area. This will give them an idea of how well they are using their space and how can they optimize their space better. Italian Trulli
  • Receive a 3D Render
    This render will give our clients a 3D perspective of their room, distribution an its potential.
  • Know more about Stage 1
    If you whish to know more about satge one click here

Stage Two

Interior Design

$99/per room
  • Revisions until Satisfied
    As a company we are committed to our clients satisfaction, we will not stop revising our work until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Revised Floor Plan Distribution
    Once our client is 100% satified with the design we will proceed to redo the new and revised floor plan.
  • Revised 3D HD Render
    The client will receive several revised high definition 3D render from different angles in order to easily visualize how the area is going to look.
  • Moodboard Inspiration
    A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. The client will recevided a moodboard base on the chosen style and revisions.
  • Trade Discount Shopping List
    We will pass on to our clients our trade discount prices of our partners so you are guaranteed to have the best prices on the market at all times

Stage Three


Get Quote
  • Purchase Order with Trade Discount
    Our clients will receive a purchase order with of all their products with the trade discounts applied.
  • Project Management
    Our clients will not have to worry about dealing with multiple contractors, multiple payments, quality control and dead lines. Saik Design will manage the entire project making it easy, secure and fast for our clients.
  • Trade Professionals
    Our clients can choose from our range of trade proffessionals. We have the best in the business from painters, carpenters, electricians, plumber and more.
  • Goods Delivery
    Our clients can chose to have the delivery of all goods directly to our client house.
  • Installation
    Our clients can choose to have all their furniture and accessories installed by our qualified professionals.


Saik Design is an international company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

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