• Architecture Project, engineering and interior design.
  • Construction of civil works, execution of finishes, floors, ceilings and installations.
  • Design and manufacture of all special furniture, kitchen, walk in closets, bar others.
  • Management of purchases and assembly of all work under the modality turnkey.

Our proposal was to create a ground floor apartment of 100m2, with two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, equipped with contemporary modern kitchen and furniture, with high-quality custom furniture.

In modern contemporary style, predominantly travertine marble floor, white furniture and wenge wood.

The second apartment was built in the upper part of the terrace on two levels Loft type, of 200m2 roofed and 100m2 of gardens.

The double-height room with dining room slightly separated by a sculptural element of wood to which the staircase is attached becomes the central element of contemporary decoration. Despite this division, the rooms are visually connected and surrounded by the exterior garden.

The lighting design was intended to create two atmospheres, the day with great views to the north and south over the city and golf courses, surrounded by 3 facades of beautiful gardens and vertical walls and the night with a system of lights to recreate a suitable Urban loft type.

Finally, the last floor was destined to Philip stark’s master suite with bathroom hall, where also the sculptural element on which the staircase meets and creates the separation between the room and the bathroom room. The suit with its terrace exclusive overlooking the golf courses and its vertical garden wall.

Develop two apt to rent them to the embassy. One of them for a possible ambassador, fully furnished.